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Corso di Laurea Magistrale in Architettura


Administrative Office Donka Tatangelo, Tel: 055 2755398, E-mail:
Monday-Wendnesday-Friday 10.30-12.30, Tuesday-Thursday 15.00-16.30
Santa Teresa,Via della Mattonaia, 14 - Florence, 4° Floor, room 3


Curricular stage in Italy 

how to activate internship
- how to finish internship
how to link a studio to Unifi 

- internship form
- daily schedule, end of internship form 



Request for the equivalence of contents, seminars and workshops to be recognised as internship credits

The course of study provides for the equivalence of other activities considered to be equivalent if it occurred in the enrollment period to the master and not previous.
Types of activities recognized as equivalent to the internships CFU (2 CFUs per activity):
• participation in design competitions (documented with drawings, material submission and declaration of design group)
• participation in design workshops for at least 5 working days (documented by attestation of participation, program and elaboration)
It is possible to submit CFU requests only when you have the total of 6 CFUs by completing the following form with the documentation required in the attachment.
Students are required to submit the forms at least 2 months before the expiration date they are interested in (thesis, scholarships, productivity) for registration.

- request for the equivalence of contents, seminars and workshop to be recognised as internship credits


internship and stage committee

Maria De Santis
Riccardo Renzi


last update: 18-Sep-2017
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